Chastity Keyholder Better than Sugar Baby?

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Growing up as a woman in our society, you’re often not encouraged to embrace your strength and your confidence. The media subliminally tells you that you’re supposed to be submissive. However, I’ve seen that this can’t stop the strong, confident women from embracing their personalities and dominating their fields.
But what happened when you are a bossy alpha woman and want to be a sugar baby? There is plenty of great solutions and chastity keyholding is one of them.

What is Chastity Keyholding?

Chastity Keyholding is when a woman holds the keys to a man’s chastity device without necessarily having any other sort of BDSM relationship with that person.

A Keyholding service is literally that; someone holds the keys to a chastity device. The length of time the keys are held for can vary. Depending on the specific set-up of your Keyholding service, the duration may be pre-arranged or it may be open-ended. In that case, it’s down to the discretion of the keyholder, unless you safe out before she permits release, of course.

How Much Do Sugar Keyholder earn?

As with most pay services, there doesn’t seem to be a set going rate for Keyholding services. Each keyholder sets the price she feels her Keyholding service is worth, and that’s the price your submissive man will pay. Some Women have a set price across the board, whereas others tailor their prices according to the person.

For someone looking simply for their chastity device keys to be held, you can ask $50 per week. If a person requests tease and denial throughout the Keyholding, the price can increase to between $100-$150 per week. This is due to the photographs taken and sent, emails carefully drafted and sent, as well as other forms of teasing to add to the tortuous chastity experience.

Why Chastity Keyholding is So Popular?

Chastity is an incredibly popular fetish amongst submissive men. In fact, it’s rare to see a submissive man who doesn’t have some form of chastity fetish. It doesn’t necessarily include a chastity device, sometimes it’s the desire for orgasm control or a ban on masturbation and sex.

Male submission is strongly motivated by sexual appetite. Therefore, there’s a strong connected desire to relinquish control over sexual urges & their physical consequences.

It can be difficult for submissive men to find a regular Domme or their own Mistress – and not all chastity fetishists want a D/s relationship, of course. That’s where Keyholding comes in (excuse the pun) – chastity lock up without obligation.

Are There Any Risks?

As with many things in BDSM games, there are risks involved. For many people, the risk is part of the appeal. However, if everyone follows the golden rules of BDSM, everything should be fine.

The golden rules? Active consent, communication & mutual respect.

Where To Find a Chastity Daddy?

Fetish forums gather people interested in the BDSM & usually have search options. You will find plenty of people interested in Keyholding by visiting the Slave Selection Chastity Tease & Denial group.

Not only can you view thousands of submissive men on this website/app, but you can also often find submissive daddy men close to you. Handy if you’re hoping to move to real-time rather than online/post Keyholding services.


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